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Create private spacemacs layer for yafolding
Accepted answer
5 votes

Instead of (defun yafolding/init-my-package () it should have been (defun yafolding/init-yafolding (), as pointed out in by cpaulik in the official support chat.

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cygwin/emacs (v24.4.1) behind firewall proxy package install 0 sized files
Accepted answer
3 votes

Looks like although setting $http_proxy outside of emacs (as mentioned, in .bashrc) is not enough. After setting the proxy in the init file: (setq url-proxy-services '(("no_proxy" . "work\\.com") ...

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Is there a simplified version control system appropriate for non-coders writing in Emacs?
1 votes

While it's absolutelly unrelated to emacs, you can still save your text files to Dropbox and if you're a pro user you can use the extended version history. (If you want encrytion, you might want to ...

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