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How to act on rectangles beyond the end-of-line?
Accepted answer
10 votes

The extend-rectangle-to-end function in the rectangle-utils package is what you want. It's on melpa. It inserts spaces to make the current rectangle selection extend to cover the longest line in the ...

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Fundamentals of multiple-cursors
7 votes

I'd like to add some extras that I sometimes use with multiple-cursors. I've found the following to be useful: iy-go-to-char Sometimes, you find yourself needing to move to the next # or the next , ...

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Simulate vim splash screen
Accepted answer
6 votes

Add this to your init.el (setq inhibit-startup-screen t) (setq initial-scratch-message ";; Message goes here") The first bit hides the startup screen, so the default buffer when you open emacs will *...

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How to determine operating system bits (32 vs 64-bit) in elisp
1 votes

Given the use case (taken from a comment I wanted to write an Elisp script that would download and run the appropriate version of an executable (32 or 64-bit) for the user's OS.), the nicest way might ...

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Trigger a function when a key is held down after X seconds?
0 votes

The default delay for highlight symbol (at least according to this source file) is 1.5 seconds. If you leave it at the default, or set it back to 1.5 yourself, won't you get the desired effect?

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