I have experienced in developing low latency applications such as in-memory DB, Messaging Middleware in LINUX. I am familiar with in-memory computing, C/C++ optimization, concurrency control, system & network programming in Linux platforms and good at writing and debugging programs in multi-threaded environment. I can build a light-weight DBMS on my own. I wrote a low latency in-memory database which is now running in Korea's main exchange system named Exture+.(in KRX - Korea Exchange). The database can serve over about 3,000,000 Select/Insert/Update/Delete operations per second. You can get the result of your DB operation within 300~400 nano-second.

My major concern last year was a Linux kernel and ARM architecture, embedded platforms. So, I took active part in a Korean major community of analyzing Linux kernel code(www.iamroot.org). I really enjoy to study and build my own private projects by using trendy technologies like machine learning, node.js, AngularJS, c++ standard library, boost library, etc. I'm familiar with various IDE and editors in developing. (Emacs is my favorite but I'm also familiar with vim,eclipse,Qt creator,Xcode,Webstorm,etc) I really like to develop my own project in my Macbook Pro Retina(my treasure ^^) and test(deploy) and open automatically using hudson or Docker platform.

I don't proceed to make any other code without building test code for current code. Sometimes, I make test code before main code. This way is sometimes helpful for designing and understanding user's requirement precisely. I think TDD is one of the good ways to ensure output with fine quality.

I also have various experiences in developing applications by using Embeded SQL, JDBC, ODBC with in-depth knowledge of DBMS.

Finally, I love programming and I love my job as a software developer. I enjoy to design an architecture and review code with my co-workers through a tool like Redmine, Jira and face-to-face. I'd like to do this job until my age of 70. Am I greedy?

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