I am using window-numbering.el to switch between windows in a frame. However if I have multiple frames each frame starts numbering its windows beginning with 1. Is there a way I can have global window numbers over all frames, so that window numbering jumps between frames as well?

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    I only use one frame so I'm not sure about the following, but what you want might be possible with ace-window.
    – Dan
    Commented Jan 20, 2016 at 22:11

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If you use Icicles then command icicle-choose-window-by-name with C-u lets you choose a window, on any frame, by its name.

A window is named by its buffer. If there is more than one window displaying the same buffer then the window name includes a suffix [N] (N = 2,3,...), to make it a unique name.

(The prefix arg you use determines whether to choose from windows on only the selected frame, on all visible frames, or all frames (including iconified and invisible frames).)

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