I am using emacs on a debian system and have installed emacs-goodies-el. One of the many things in there is todoo which registers itself in auto-mode-alist for all files ending in TODO.

This particular association is in the way and I would like to either get rid of todoo or just change the entry in the auto-mode-alist.

I tried to find a switch in customize-group emacs-goodies-el but there seems to be nothing.

I've got a few incantations in a file in ~/.emacs.d and could add to those, but fiddling with with auto-mode-alist seems a bit daunting. The entry I need to get rid of is

("TODO\\'" . todoo-mode)

So if anyone knows off-hand how to easily disable todoo in emacs-goodies-el, let me know. Alternatively a hint how to remove this element from the alist or just define a different file pattern would help.


You can do this to remove the entry.

(setq auto-mode-alist  (rassq-delete-all 'todoo-mode auto-mode-alist))

I'm not sure there's a specialized way to remove entry of auto-mode-alist.


Newer entries take priority over older ones, so you could just do

(push '("TODO\\'" . text-mode) auto-mode-alist)

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