Some people put one sentence or even one paragraph on one line. When someone fixes a spelling error in such a line it is difficult to spot the change in Magit log. How can I toggle Magit log to show me the differences at the word rather than the whole-line level?

Edit1: When I press D t or magit-diff-refine-hunk in the Magit log buffer I see no difference. I.e., single word changes are still shown as very long red/green lines.

Edit2: The main developer of Magit does not want to add this feature. See here for his motivation. (This question cannot be a duplicate of another solved issue, because the current issue apparently cannot be solved within the current version of Magit.)

  • See github.com/magit/magit/issues/1615
    – xuhdev
    Nov 27 '16 at 21:01
  • @npostavs The issue you link to is about Magit diff mode. When I press 'D t' in a Magit log buffer -- the answer to the Magit diff issue -- I see no change (still one very long line, while only one word was changed). PS: I did not find the issue you link to, probably because it's title is completely ungrammatical/unintelligible. Nov 27 '16 at 21:02
  • @xuhdev Thanks for the related Github issue! The discussion over there is a bit over my head to be honest... Nov 27 '16 at 21:05
  • @WouterBeek You can simply read the very final comment...
    – xuhdev
    Nov 27 '16 at 21:06
  • @xuhdev IIUC then the main developer of Magit does not want to implement this feature because that results in non-actionable hunks. That makes a lot of sense for Magit diff buffers but not for Magit log buffers (when being actionable is less of an issue). Nov 27 '16 at 21:10

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