I'd like to be able to toggle M-x font-lock-mode with a custom key binding like C-c l for example (or any minor mode for that matter).

Can this be done relatively easily?

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Add the following to your init file:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c l") 'font-lock-mode)

You can follow the same pattern for any minor mode, because all minor modes are commands (meaning they can be bound to key sequences).

Moreover, anything you can invoke via M-x is a command and can be bound to a key sequence (and using the key binding is equivalent to calling it via M-x).

n.b. Your choice of C-c l is a good one, as C-c followed by an upper- or lower-case letter is always a key sequence reserved for use by end-users, so it should never conflict with any other keymap.

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