I've written a command that ssh-es to a remote host and runs an interactive command there. Something like:

(defun remote-command ()
  (pop-to-buffer (get-buffer-create "*remote-command*"))
  (async-shell-command "ssh remote-host interactive-command" (current-buffer)))

A longstanding annoyance has been that when I enter a very long line, some portion of the end of the line is echoed back before the command line is executed by interactive-command. The main notable consequence, aside from screen clutter, is that if the end of the line contains an odd number of quotation marks, electric-pair-mode gets confused and no longer inserts matching pairs when I type a quote.

When I try running this ssh command from an OS X Terminal, I see similar behavior, except that the echoed portion is everything but the first physical line that the terminal presents. I discovered by accident that if I give ssh the -t option in Terminal, the echoing stops completely. I tried adding that option to my Emacs command, but it makes no difference.

That's that I've tried that have made no difference:

  • stty -echo before running interactive-command
  • Setting the TERM environment variable to various settings before running interactive-command, eg: vt100, dumb
  • Setting comint-process-echoes to t

If it makes a difference, interactive-command is actually spark-shell.


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So like I mentioned, the command I was running was actually spark-shell. I finally discovered that this command can be run with the option -Xnojline, and boom, none of my lines are echoed any longer, partially or fully.

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