My images are floating much more than I'd like. I'd like to force them to be where I tell them to be more like

   \includegraphics[width=0.75\textwidth, keepaspectratio]{./image.png}

What I currently have is this, which does not seem to be doing it:

#+ATTR_LATEX: ::placement {!htb}{0.75\textwidth}

What's the correct syntax to anchor my images where I say like exclamation point does?


The correct syntax is

#+ATTR_LATEX: :placement [!htb]{0.75\textwidth}

Note that the attributes are specified by a single colon followed by the name of the attribute (e.g. :placement or :width) and the value of the argument is copied verbatim into the appropriate place in the exported latex file (hence [!htb], not {!htb}, since LaTeX figures take that specification as an option, not as an argument).

A valuable debugging technique in such cases is to export to a LaTeX file and then examine the LaTeX file in an editor (presumably emacs :-) ) to see what was produced.

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