I want to call xref-find-definitions from within my own lisp code and I'm struggling.

(xref-find-definitions IDENTIFIER)

Find the definition of the identifier at point.

It wants a parameter but I don't understand what parameter to supply because if I call it directly it just reads the name of a function from (point) and finds the source code for me.

As background, I maintain a private mark-ring with functions to (un)rotate-and-go and I want to combine go-to-source-of-function-named-at-point and push-point-onto-private-mark-ring as one key-combination.

I'm aware of bury-buffer and wrote my own unbury-buffer.

  • Please consider filing a bug report: M-x report-emacs-bug. The doc for a function (doc string or manual) should describe each of its parameters. It should be clear enough that a user can understand how to call/use the function. – Drew May 16 at 14:08

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