I'm trying to do the same thing as described in (Export an org-mode file as a PDF via command line?) generate a pdf from a org file but want to do it inside a docker container also. And now I get an error and no pdf. How do I display the content of the "Org PDF LaTeX Output"

The command I'm currently using is as follows:

docker run \
   -it \
   --rm \
   -v `pwd`:/docs \
   --entrypoint emacs \
   hgjt/emacs-texlive:latest \
   -l /root/emacs.el \
   --visit plot_var.org \
   --batch \
   --eval "(org-latex-export-to-pdf)"

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As a sanity check, are you sure you have a tex distribution installed correctly? Maybe you can interactively load into your docker to test it out.

Here is a command which will dump the error log to a file named Org-PDF-LaTeX-Output.err:

emacs --visit plot_var.org --batch --eval "(progn (ignore-errors (org-latex-export-to-pdf))(set-buffer \"*Org PDF LaTeX Output*\")(write-file \"Org-PDF-LaTeX-Output.err\"))"

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