I want to have multiple citations appear in my exported PDF as below:

some well-studied fact [12, 13, 20] blah blah

But the only way I know to do this is by using inline latex:

some well-studied fact \cite{foo2002, bar1997, baz2019}

Is there a way to achieve the same result using the more "org" style citation:

some well-studied fact [cite:foo2002, cite:bar1997, cite:baz2019]

Note: the above results in this export:

some well-studied fact [[1], [2], [3]]

...which I don't want.

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some well-studied fact [[cite:foo2002,bar1997,baz2019]]

That is, mulitple cite labels within a single org link. Note the double [[...]] although if you simply type cite:xxx it should make it an org link automatically.

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