I'm trying to put together a config of my own after having used Spacemacs for a few years. To customize keybindings, and make them a bit Spacemacs-like, I'm trying out general.el. So far it seems to work rather well, except for one thing where the integration with which-key isn't quite as I'd hoped. On the other hand, I might just be doing it wrong.

In order to get multi-key bindings, like SPC E y to visit my yasnippet files, I've first created a "definer" with SPC as the leader key

(general-create-definer mes/leader-def
  :keymaps '(normal insert visual emacs)
  :prefix "SPC"
  :non-normal-prefix "M-SPC")

using that I then define the next level, E in this case

  :infix "E"
  "" '(:ignore t :wk "Emacs")
  "y" '(:keymap mes-yasnippet-map :wk "yasnippet"))

The definition of 'mes-yasnippet-map looks like this (I did a bit of reading on keybindings/keymaps and this seems to be a reasonable way of doing it)

(define-prefix-command 'mes-yasnippet-map)
(general-def :keymaps 'mes-yasnippet-map
  "v" '(yas-visit-snippet-file :wk "visit snippet"))

When pressing SPC I'll first see "E -> Emacs", then pressing E I'll see "y -> yasnippet", then pressing y I expected to see "v -> visit snippet" but instead I see "v -> yas-visit-snippet-file".

First of all, is this a good way of defining Spacemacs-like keybindings using general.el, or is there a better way?

Second, if this is a good way, how do I get which-key to show what I want on all levels?

  • I'm too busy to write a formal answer in the following two weeks, you can refer to my configuration, general.el and which-key work very well together. Feb 25, 2023 at 14:08
  • Please don't ask "Is this a good way...?" or "Is there a better way...?" - encourages opinion-based answers. And please don't pose multiple questions in the same post - one per post, please. Thx.
    – Drew
    Feb 25, 2023 at 16:45
  • Thanks Tianshu Wang, your config looks like a very good resource indeed.
    – Magnus
    Feb 26, 2023 at 18:41
  • Drew, thanks for reminding me why I stopped asking questions on exchanges.
    – Magnus
    Feb 26, 2023 at 18:42

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Tianshu Wang's setup pointed out something that I didn't think of myself. I don't need to create a separate keymap for the binding with multiple keys. So what I ended up with was this a single definition of my keybindings

 :infix "E"
 "" '(:ignore t :wk "Emacs")
 "y" '(:ignore t :wk "yasnippet))
 "yv" '(yas-visit-snippet-file :wk "visit-snippet"))

I've since also adopted more of the setup I found in Tianshu's setup, in particular the tyrant-def and despot-def. Doing that actually solved some other issues I had in setting up my keybindings with general.el.

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