Before I launch ediff, emacs has this window title

0x08e000ac  0 spartacus scratch.spartacus.org - GNU Emacs at spartacus

, but after launch it has this

x08e01bc4  0 spartacus *Ediff Control Panel*

Any way to prevent this, as I use a keyboard combination to switch to emacs and I need the title of the window to stay intact for that to work.

    , ((modm .|. mod1Mask .|. controlMask, xK_e), spawn "wmctrl -a \"gnu emacs\"") -- extensible

Or any other way I can identify the window?

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I suggest you use this:

(setq ediff-window-setup-function #'ediff-setup-windows-plain)

That will prevent a separate control frame from being created at all.

Or any other way I can identify the window?

"Ediff Control Panel" seems reasonably unlikely to be used in the title for windows of other programs, no?

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