I'd like to switch between two modes

  • source editing mode
  • debug mode (where source is read-only, and you can use all other regular emacs commands + some debug related hot keys (such as n for next)

The workflow I'm looking for is this

  • open a file
  • start debugging
  • open a debug control pannel (which key window)
    • while this pannel is open, I'm on debug mode (similar to view-mode)
  • toggle the control pannel with a key to enter into a source editing mode (regular emacs mode)

I was thinking to turn on view-mode but I have to manage every single buffer I open with view-mode

evil does something similar but I would need to change so many key bindings.
I tried spacemacs's hybrid state. but now sure how much I have to change the key binding..

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I almost got it working

using spacemacs's hybrid

  • emacs mode for source editing
  • motion mode for debugging

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