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Use the tab-key tag for questions relating to the TAB key on your keyboard (i.e., the physical key). Don't use the tab tag for this: that tag refers to the tab character (i.e., "\t") in a file.

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How to indent-region with TAB key?

I want to detect if selection made was activated and bind appropriate code for indent-region or ifselection mode was not activate - other code.
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What's wrong with my tab key?

I very recently started having an issue with my tab key while editing latex files. Normally, the tab key will indent according to whatever mode I'm editing in. Now, when I hit the tab key the ...
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Translate TAB with C-q TAB [duplicate]

I'm an amateur in Emacs and I would like to change TAB with C-q TAB. I used the code: (define-key key-translation-map (kbd "TAB") (kbd"C-q TAB")) But by doing so, I need to press TAB twice in order ...
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can TAB behave like M-i?

I'm fairly new to aquamacs/emacs and while editing I noticed that it indents however it wants. In order to indent the way I want I end up using M-i, but that is pretty cumbersome. So, how do I make ...
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