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use for Python programming language in Emacs. Emacs supports several versions of the language implementation, versions, and coding styles. Python questions should augment with additional tags as appropriate as described in the description below.

Emacs already has out-of-the-box Python support via python-mode and there are a number of Python major modes for Emacs. Emacs provides basic editing and IDE-like features by using a combination of native Emacs features and external Emacs/Python packages:

  • python.el comes with Emacs versions 24.2 and later
  • python-mode.el
  • loveshack python.el for Emacs versions 24.1 and before

When tagging questions with , mention Emacs and Python package versions.

For IDE-related questions, mention which of these packages as well:

  • Elpy
  • anaconda-mode
  • Spacemacs Python layer, which is based on anaconda-mode
  • python-mode.el, which replaced python-mode in python.el

Questions about Python interactive shells and REPLs should tag them with as well.