I have been using ESC-< or Alt-< to jump to the beginning of the file. After I added ggtags for source navigation, normally it works. But after I press Alt-. to find the declaration/definition of some method/class/variable, pressing ESC-< or Alt-< will instead navigate me back to the previous point from which I pressed Alt-. to navigate to the method or class.

I can still use Alt-g g 1 to go to the beginning of the file. But is there a way to still use ESC-< to go the beginning and assign different binding for ggtags to return to previous position?


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It looks like ggtags rebinds M-< to #'first-error in the keymap ggtags-navigation-map.

So we can unbind it there:

(define-key ggtags-navigation-map (kbd "M-<") nil)

And bind something else to it:

(define-key ggtags-navigation-map (kbd "C-M-<") #'first-error)

Obviously, you can pick another keybinding, as you prefer.

  • Thanks...I removed the binding and added a different key.
    – SujanKh
    Feb 23, 2016 at 5:23

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