I wish to call man function in emacsclient when I typing "man smth" in terminal. When I open files from iterm via emacsclient - emacs gaining focus and when I kill buffer - terminal gaining focus back. But when I want not open file but evaluate "man ls" for example - its evaluating in emacs, but not switching to emacs and when I close man buffer its not switching back.

Here's my command to open man page from iterm in emacs:

emacsclient -c -e "(man \"ls\")" -a ""

Can anyone point me what am I doing wrong plz? Thx.


New windows not getting focus seems to be an issue with the OS/window manager, not Emacs.

There are a lot of search results suggesting various hacks at either the Emacs or OS level, but my preferred solution is to use the scripts suggested by MJ Wall. These have explicit raise-frame actions.

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