I have a table in org-mode that I want to pass into an R source block and then plot from it. When I write everything in org-mode and execute it, I get the results that I expect.

However, when I enter the ESS editing mode/org-edit-src-code by toggling C-c ' inside the source block, the variable is not used. This is important for complicated scripts where I have to test multiple things and feed multiple variables/tables into the source block.

Here is an example:

#+name: test-table
| Cell | Value |
|    1 |    10 |
|    2 |    20 |
|    3 |    60 |
|    4 |    80 |
|    5 |   100 |

#+name: test-table-plot   
#+BEGIN_SRC R :var test=test-table :results output graphics :exports results :file-ext png

If I run this source block, I get the plot I expect. If I go into the org-edit-src-code with C-c ' the table "test" does not exist.

Is this meant to be like this? Is there a way to pass the variable to org-edit-src-code?

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Org-babel expands the src block before sending the contents to R. With org-babel-expand-src-block (C-c C-v v) you're in the same edit buffer but the code is "expanded".

  • Perfect. I just tested it on a more complex example and it worked! Thank you :)
    – Cumol
    Aug 11, 2017 at 13:38

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