I run SPC m s i to start Robe (Ruby code inspection tool) in spacemacs, and it opens a split with a REPL. When I'm done issuing commands I can't close the split.

  • SPC is not usable because the REPL and the buffer are just interpreting what I type as text, it just outputs whitespace.
  • I can stop the console process with C-c C-\ but then I'm still left with an open split and the buffer still ignoring SPC.

How do I close the other split?

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A combination of emacs and vim commands fixed this. I had to kill the process (that was swallowing all the SPC keypresses) with C-c C-\ and then press ESC to get out of insert mode. Then I could just use :q to exit the split.


Are you not in insert mode in the REPL? If so, just hit ESC to go to normal mode. Then SPC won't be swallowed any more.

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