I'm cofiguring emacs with org. Principally I wrote in emacs using .org file so i want a standard header file where i define al my "use package" file in particular:


so here I see that i can create a header.tex file containing the upper code, so in the template i can simply recall #+LaTex_header: \input{path/header.tex}.
So I want to define it in my configuration.org document, and when i star emacs i want that, in addition of inint.el file, i want that it produce also a header.tex that i can use. How can I do?


I think what you are trying to achieve does not really require the workaround of generating a header.tex file, though you could certainly do that with Emacs.

The best thing in your case would be to define a custom LaTeX class, so at the beginning of your .org file you would simply call #+LATEX_CLASS: myarticle, for example:

(add-to-list 'org-latex-classes
                   ("\\section{%s}" . "\\section*{%s}")
                   ("\\subsection{%s}" . "\\subsection*{%s}")
                   ("\\subsubsection{%s}" . "\\subsubsection*{%s}")
                   ("\\paragraph{%s}" . "\\paragraph*{%s}")
                   ("\\subparagraph{%s}" . "\\subparagraph*{%s}")))

Check out the documentation of ox-latex for more information.

  • i try to implement this but it doesn't work. so i add (with-eval-after-load 'ox-latex before and it compile, but when i call the class from a test file it doesn't work. – acidwinzip 77 Jul 12 '18 at 15:58
  • sorry, #+LATEX_CLASS: myarticle. I just fixed the answer. Good point about with-eval-after-load as well, but that's a bit tangent to the question at hand. – dangom Jul 12 '18 at 16:01

You can solve your problem easily by configuring the variable org-packages-alist, as shown in documentation:

org-latex-packages-alist is a variable defined in ‘org.el’. Its value is nil

Documentation: Alist of packages to be inserted in every LaTeX header.

These will be inserted after ‘org-latex-default-packages-alist’. Each element is either a cell or a string.

A cell is of the format:

("options" "package" SNIPPET-FLAG)


Take care to insert packages which not conflict with already declared packages in variable org-latex-default-packages-alist - this one can be also customized.

This way you do not need any additional export file as header.

  • But my aim is to not modify anithing except configuration.org, so everything I need to see is under that file – acidwinzip 77 Jul 12 '18 at 16:14

Thats a different solution but the result is better. I removes the need for an extra file. You can add

#+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage{package}

To your org-file to do same. Or if you use ox-extra.

#+header: header: yes
#+begin_export latex

You just need the fix from: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2015-11/msg00427.html

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