I am trying to create a link from content/file.md to content/section/_index.md. I've tried using CUSTOM_ID, ID and header title in my org file. In the org file, the links work fine. However, after export, hugo unable to generate site. It throws an error when trying to process the link in content/file.md. The link shows up as {{<relref "_index" >}}. This is a problem obviously because it should be section/_index.

I hope my problem statement is clear. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

  • Yes: open an issue at the ox-hugo github site. Likely you will find a higher concentration of ox-hugo enthusiasts there who may be able to help. And if it is a bug, Kaushal will want to fix it. – NickD Jan 4 at 4:17
  • Also, you will improve your chances here if you post a minimal but complete org mode file that one could just pick up, export and see the problem for her/himself. – NickD Jan 4 at 4:19

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