When we call helm-find-files on an org link or path, helm is smart enough to autocomplete the path, making it easy for us to navigate from there. Unfortunately, if the link starts with [[file:./this/file/name.png]], then helm extended actions fail, because helm can't find a file that starts with "file:".

Does anyone know how I could advice helm-find-files to trim the "file:" part of a link?

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Here's how you can advice helm to strip the file: part:

(advice-add 'helm-find-files-initial-input :filter-return
            (lambda (&optional input)
              (if (string-prefix-p "file:" input)
                  (replace-regexp-in-string "file:\\(.+\\)" "\\1" input)
  • works perfectly!
    – Daniel
    Jan 4, 2021 at 21:17

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