Linux Mint 20 Emacs 27

package: dired, diredp (https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/dired%2b.el)

  1. Jump to bookmark. Input Temp enter image description here

  2. Press ENTER. As result open folder MyFolder enter image description here

  3. Press ENTER. As result open folder MySubfolder_1 enter image description here

  4. M-x diredp-dired-recent-dirs

enter image description here

1.Why in buffer Recently Visited Directories not show recently visited folders?

  1. Is it possible to show recent visited directories in the minibuffer?

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Dired+ just uses your recentf-list of files and directories. It is library recentf.el that controls what file and dir names to record there.

For that, library recentf.el provides several user options, which filter out certain file and dir names, etc. That's no doubt what you're running into.

Your second question isn't clear to me (and you really should pose only one question per question). Perhaps you're asking how you can echo the list of recent directories to the echo area (same space as the minibuffer, but for output, not input).

For that, you can use this command:

(defun foo ()
  (message "Recent dirs: %S" (diredp-recent-dirs nil)))

(If you want a different sort order, let-bind variable diredp-default-sort-arbitrary-function to a function that sorts the way you want.)

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