Before starting, I'm on Mac OS Monterey (12.2.1) with M1 chip. My Emacs' version is 27.2.

I made a change to let Emacs accessing my entire disk because it can't by default.

I followed this article which worked because now Emacs can open any file from any folder.

But, I noticed something I want to get ride of : Emacs light theme demo

Even though I restarted Emacs, it switched to light theme whereas my Mac OS settings are supposed to make it dark : Mac OS general settings

I want to know if there is a workaround to make Emacs' back to dark theme AND still opening any file from any folder.

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So, after many and many search, I realized I was searching basing myself about Emacs, because I taught it only could happened to it, but it seems many other apps can run through this on Mac.

I type this command on prompt :

defaults write org.gnu.Emacs NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool no

Thanks to this SoF question

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