Some keybindings require you to type the ^ character (ie magit smerge) and for starters, on an UE AZERTY keyboard (which is a very bad layout design BTW) there are two of those, and they each input a different character.

One is for accentuating a letter, like this : êôû and the other is the right one: ^ obtained by pressing altGr+key so it's a sort of keybinding inception: A keybinding within a keybinding :)

Is there a way to replace the prefix char with a more accessible single keypress char altogether system-wide ?

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Here's the function that sets the keybindings for magit-smerge. You can redefine the keybindings by copying and modifying the ^ in the define-key lines.

(defun magit-smerge-setup ()
  "Setup magit-smerge keybindings."
  (define-key magit-hunk-section-map (kbd "C-c ^ l") #'magit-smerge-keep-lower)
  (define-key magit-hunk-section-map (kbd "C-c ^ u") #'magit-smerge-keep-upper))

Does this do what you want, where X is whatever single key you want?

(define-key key-translation-map (kbd "^") (kbd "X"))

But what you really want probably depends on which keymap ^ is bound as a prefix key in. Your question doesn't provide any context.

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