In the .spacemacs file, typescript configuration layer is

 ┆(typescript :variables
 ┆   ┆   ┆   ┆javascript-backend 'tide
 ┆   ┆   ┆   ┆typescript-fmt-tool 'prettier
 ┆   ┆   ┆   ┆typescript-linter 'eslint
 ┆   ┆   ┆   ┆typescript-fmt-on-save t)

When use Emacs For Mac OS X open a nodejs project, this error happened on the status bar:

eldoc error: (error Server does not exist. Run M-x tide-restart-server to start it again)

But even I run tide-restart-server via M-x, it still doesn't work.

If I open the project in terminal under the project folder, it can work perfectly.

What wrong in the GUI tool?


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