I am trying to use oauth2.el for some local shenanigans and would like to see how others are using it. Is there a way I can query elpa/melpa for dependencies to this (or any other package)?

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Not sure about querying the package archive directly, but you can do something along the lines of:

(let ((needle 'oauth2)
      (resolve-deps-recursively t)
  (dolist (curr package-archive-contents all-rdeps)
    ;; (car curr) => pkg
    ;; (cadr curr) => pkg-desc
    (setq curr-deps (if resolve-deps-recursively
                        (package--dependencies (car curr))
                      (mapcar #'car (package-desc-reqs (cadr curr)))))
    (when (memq needle curr-deps)
      (push (car curr) all-rdeps))))

This will find all reverse dependencies of needle. If resolve-deps-recursively is non-nil, it will, as the name suggests, resolve dependencies recursively. In other words, if pkg1 depends on pkg2 which depends on [...] which depends on pkgn which depends on needle, pkg1 will appear in the result.

Given my package-archive-contents, I get the following results for 'oauth2:

;; with recursive dependency resolution
'(flim google-contacts mu-cite oauth2-request org-onenote semi slack smudge wanderlust)

;; without recursive dependency resolution
'(flim google-contacts oauth2-request org-onenote slack smudge)
  • Very nice, thanks!
    – zedoo
    Aug 18, 2022 at 9:11

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