For example, when exporting, the #+title property is taken as the title of the document, which will show as the heading in, for example, a latex pdf. Ideally I would like the #+title value to also be used as the filename as well.

Right now I have to do this:

#+title: My Title
#+export_file_name: My Title

Is there any way I can do something like this:

#+title: My Title
#+export_file_name: (#+title)

Really the goal is to only have to write the title once per document, and have it be used in multiple property values.

I have tried using macros, but they did not work, it will try to export to {{{mymacro}}}.pdf and fail.

  • In general, you cannot: property values are strings and are not parsed at all, so Org mode does not know what's in them. #+title: is not really a property: it's a keyword and some keywords (e.g. #+title:) are parsed and macro expansion is performed on them. Unfortunately, #+export_file_name: is not one of them. I get the feeling that what is parsed and what is not is more-or-less an accident of history. This area could use some rationalization.
    – NickD
    Sep 28, 2023 at 14:26

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Write an interactive Elisp function asking you to input a value when triggered. Once the value is input, the function will then write the following two lines at the beginning of your org document:

#+title: input value
#+export_file_name: input value

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