In GitHub one can often find, for a given open-source project, the list of issues that have been reported and the estimated time-horizon that is considered for a given fix or enhancement.

Is there an equivalent repository where feature requests and bugs for GNU Emacs are collected and prioritized? Do the developers group them into specific milestones per version?


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One place where emacs bugs are filed/listed is debbugs. Other places to discover/place feature requests and follow development include the emacs and emacs-devel discussion lists.


You can browse the requests correctly filed in debbugs from Emacs: just install the debbugs package (e.g. using M-x package-install), and then:

M-x debbugs-gnu


As @JordonBiondo reported here (this answer is a verbatim copy of his answer):

The procedure for reporting bugs, requesting features, and submitting pathces is outlined in the manual.

C-h rmBugsreturn

Or read online:


In a nutshell:

  • use report-emacs-bug for bug reporting and feature requests
  • ask the dev mailing list if you think your request requires more discussion
  • check the existing bugs and search the mailing list to see if the topic has already been discussed and concluded upon
  • read the manual for how to send patches
  • subscribe to emacs-devel or even bug-gnu-emacs if you want to be more involved or informed about what is happening in emacs development.

Also read etc/CONTRIBUTE and BUGS

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