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How do I make a public reply to a particular post in an Emacs bug report?

I am looking at the thread of a particular Emacs bug report through the bug-gnu-emacs archives. Suppose I want to make a public reply to one of the posts in the thread. On the web page of the post, I ...
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can emacs memoize regexps?

This is really a question about implementation rather than anything a user of GNU Emacs would be interested in. Emacs regexps are represented as strings. There is a nice rx DSL for constructing ...
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Academic research about Emacs

I am looking for academic research about Emacs. Any disciplines are interesting; psychology, economics, design, computer science including subdisciplines such as HCI and software engineering, ...
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Subscribing to an individual bug on debbugs

Is it possible to subscribe to an individual bug on By subscribe, I mean that ideally one would receive all the e-mails sent to that bug report, but something like an RSS or ...
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Am I missing some spot, where the coordination/development of new Emacs versions happens?

Lately I was impressed by the new/improved things that are included with Emacs 25. Then I started thinking about the entire process behind it. I would like to share my thoughts with you. Keeping it ...
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Looking for a Fedora 21 repository for current GNU Emacs development code

I'm asking here as I can't find it anywhere on the net: I was about to learn how Emacs is actually packaged for Fedora 21 (btw, thanks a lot to the maintainers) to do the same with the latest release, ...
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What steps are necessary to start contributing to Emacs proper?

Now that Emacs is maintained in a git repository (AFAIK), this opens the door (at least for me) to intelligently explore Emacs as a F/OSS project to contribute to :) Trouble is, I have no idea how to ...
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What are the major features planned for GNU Emacs 25?

I attempted to install Emacs 24.4 through homebrew with the following command: brew install emacs --HEAD --use-git-head --cocoa --with-gnutls It ended up installing (a development build toward what ...
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How is the GNU Emacs source code organized?

How is the source code of GNU Emacs organized? What are the main modules and their functionality? Where can I find an official, up-to-date description of the architecture and its source code?
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List of GNU Emacs enhancement requests, bugs, and milestones at any given time

In GitHub one can often find, for a given open-source project, the list of issues that have been reported and the estimated time-horizon that is considered for a given fix or enhancement. Is there an ...
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