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Insert boilerplate automatically when a new file is created

I have a commonly used c++ boilerplate for competitive coding (looks something like this), I'm looking for some way to insert this boilerplate code which is in a file named competitiveCoding/...
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How to use C header files in org-mode source code blocks?

I have a C code block in my org-mode document like the following: #+begin_src C :exports both #include "my_header.h" int main(void) { function_from_my_header(); return 0; } #+...
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Prepend text to files or buffers

Is there a function that allows to prepend text to a list of files / buffers? I tried this: (defun prepend-to-org-files (text) (let* ((path "~/Dropbox/org/database") (regex "...
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Auto insert include guard in cpp header when inside projectile project

I am currently learning C++ and I came across include guards to avoid double inclusion. Now I would like to use the google's style convention like this : // project/src/app.hpp #ifndef ...
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How do I add text to every new buffer that I create?

Suppose I want to put my name and the date at the top of every new buffer that I create. How would I do that? Furthermore, suppose I want to use the name of the new buffer in the text that I want to ...
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header2.el: insert header between second and third row?

I customized my own header and want it to be inserted between the second and the third line of the document. Unfortunately I'm not very used to Lisp, therefore I have a hard time trying to find the ...
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How to have two different headers for two different modes with header2?

How to have two different headers for two different modes with header2? For instance, to have a header like : % ---------- % File-name : % ---------- when I create a .el file and a header like : #...
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Including a header-section to text-file? [duplicate]

I'm occasionally writing fanfiction-stories as plain-text files in emacs. It would be great if emacs could add a "header-section" in the beginning of these documents, for example: Title: Author: ...
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Automatic headers

I'm looking for an extension of emacs that automaticaly generate headers from source like C code. I made a script for this in the past using awk. I put my source path and it generate a header with ...
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header2 . . . how to use [duplicate]

I've just installed header2 from elpa and -- now what? I'm afraid I can't fathom where to begin with this beast. I'd like to make a custom org-mode header. Is there a tutorial somewhere that can get ...
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Inserting/updating source file header comments

How can I insert header comments in source files of arbitrary languages? If the file is newly created, the header should be inserted. If a file already exists, then it should be possible to insert a ...
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