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How can I control the indentation inserted by Emacs because I used the tab key?

This is probably a really basic question, but something I hadn't thought about before: When editing code, how to indent? I think the way to go is simply use the tab key and then, once indented once, ...
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1 answer

Use spaces for indentation in Protocol-Buffers mode

Protocol-Buffers mode binds c-indent-line-or-region to the TAB key. Since one of my projects uses 4 spaces for .proto file indentation, I've tried customizing indent-tabs-mode to nil, and tab-width ...
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Changing indent-tabs-mode and electric-indent-mode in a buffer

I want to change indent-tabs-mode and electric-indent-mode to nil. There exist three possibilities setq-default setq-local setq I think setq-default only changes the behaviour for major modes where ...
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