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Setf not expanding

I'm trying to modify a member of lsp--client after registration. So I have something like the following in use-package. (message "%s %s" (symbol-function 'lsp--client-new-connection) (...
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Getting error in hook: Symbol’s function definition is void: \(setf\ ekg-note-tags\)

I'm writing a pre-save hook for ekg (emacs knowledge graph), and getting an error I don't know how to figure out. The error is triples--with-transaction: Symbol’s function definition is void: \(setf\ ...
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How to find if an Emacs lisp function is setf-able?

Emacs Lisp setf macro allows you to set generalized variables. You can, for example change the size of the current window with the following form: (setf (window-height) 10) The macro will translate ...
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setf + alist-get but with "equal" instead of "eq"?

I got a suggestion to use setf to replace value in an alist: Replace element in a list / add in case of absence, with custom test/key functions The example was provided, but it doesn't work if key is ...
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`cl-incf` returns inconsistent values

(setq ali '()) >>> nil (cl-incf (alist-get 'a ali 0)) >>> ((a . 1)) (setf (alist-get 'b ali) 0) >>> ((b . 0) (a . 1)) (cl-incf (alist-get 'b ali 0)) >>> 1 As you ...
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How can I make `setf` work with `plist-get`?

There's no built-in setter for plist-get. Example: (let ((pl '(:what (one)))) (push 'two (plist-get pl :what)) pl) Error: let*: Symbol’s function definition is void: \(setf\ plist-get\) How can I ...
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Is there a generalized setter for buffer-modified-p?

It is very simple to define a simple generalized setter for buffer-modified-p: (gv-define-simple-setter buffer-modified-p set-buffer-modified-p) That enables constructs like: (with-current-buffer "...
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How do I remove :width and :height from an image created with create-image?

I am trying to make jabber.el support images sent from e.g. Conversations. I download the image using url-retrieve-synchonously and call create-image to get an image which I can then use with insert-...
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Setf weird expansion

Trying to understand what setf can do, I called (macroexpand '(setf (aref vec i) val)) ⇒ (let* ((v vec) (v i)) (aset v v val)) This seems obviously wrong. However I couldn't create an actual ...
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