It's very neat that simple org-mode lists get exported to itemize (or enumerate) environments in LaTeX. Yet I would like also to be able to change the face of an \item bullet using square brackets, as with \item[$\Rightarrow$]. I fail to see how this can be easily expressed in org-mode.

  • -[$\Rightarrow$] is exported to -[$\Rightarrow$] (without \item).
  • - [$\Rightarrow$] is exported to \item\relax [$\Rightarrow$]

Of course I could use @@beamer:\item[$\Rightarrow$]@@, but this is not really satisfying. Any hint?

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I've learned here that there are two ways to modify an \item:

  • - [@123] will set the counter of enumerations (or "ordered lists") to 123.
  • - [$Rightarrow$] :: bla will generate a "description".

Both do not really yield the flexibility that I was hoping for in my question, but it seems that this is as far as one can get.


I've stumbled over a not so obvious way to gain full flexiblity:

  • - @@latex:[$\Rightarrow$]@@ will be exported as \item[$\Rightarrow$]

Notice that @@beamer:[$\Rightarrow$]@@ does not effect this.

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