I want to manually set up my own Emacs CL environment on Mac OS X 7 without the SLIME package i.e. it will only use Clozure CL.

To put it other way, I want to use the Emacs CL just like I use the "Inferior Emacs Lisp Mode" (M-x ielm) but instead of the plain old Emacs Lisp, it'll use the Clozure CL.

So I've downloaded Emacs-24.4 installed it under the /Applications and Clozure CL 1.6 under the /Users/macmini/ccl-1.6 and edited the ~/.emacs to have:

(setq inferior-lisp-program "/Users/macmini/ccl-1.6/dx86cl64") 

I then restarted Emacs to start to use the Clozure CL but I couldn't use it. Can someone show how to use Clozure CL? Thanks.

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Just run-lisp. Afterwards, you can use e.g.

  • C-c C-l (lisp-load-file) to eval a source file.
  • C-c C-e (lisp-eval-defun) to eval a statement.

Still, I can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to run SLIME.

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    Hello thank you for the answer. It solved the question. I wouldn't guess or find that "run-lisp" would do the thing, I will look it up on the manual. Ultimately I want to run SLIME but I chose step by step approach. Here's my question on how to set up SLIME, if you'd like to see: link
    – Terry
    Commented Dec 3, 2014 at 20:14

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