The short version of my question is how do I install web-mode?

Here's what I've tried so far:

I'm trying to install web-mode, so I typed in M-x package-install, followed by web-mode. At this point it fails with the message:

https://stable.melpa.org/packages/web-mode-15.el: Not found

Going to the MELPA page for web-mode I see a large '16' on it (as of now - August 6, 2018).

My guess is that my emacs is asking for version 15, and it doesn't exist because the current version is 16, but setting package-load-list to be "16" for web-mode only produces an error.

I'm sure there's something goofy with my setup / something I'm missing, but could anyone help me to install web-mode?

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I think what's happening is that the list of packages Emacs knows about is out of date; your system thinks web-mode 15 is the latest, but web-mode 16 has been published to the package repository. Your Emacs stores the list of packages it knows about in the variable package-archive-contents, if you want to check that. But looking at that variable isn't necessary to fix it.

To update web-mode, run M-x list-packages. Emacs will fetch the list of packages available for install, and present that list in a buffer.

You can then go in that buffer to web-mode, press i to mark that package for installation, then press x to execute the instructions, and install web-mode.


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