I am looking for a compact way to store a lot of shortcut key bindings. This is my current idea, for which I'm looking for help how to add this into my Emacs config:

I would like to make F9 "my" key, that opens up a hierarchical menu of (global) key bindings.

When pressing F9, I'd like a submenu to open that shows e.g.:

o - org-mode submenu
a - show org-mode agenda
w - org-wiki submenu
b - org-brain submenu

If I press F9-a, I'd like to directly execute the M-x org-agenda command.

But by pressing F9-w, I get a new submenu opened that e.g. shows this:

# Org-wiki submenu
i - Show Wiki index
n - Add new Wiki page

If my final keystroke sequence is F9-w-i, I want the command M-x org-wiki-index executed.

  • Does something like this exist already?
  • Is there a better solution?
  • If no, how would I add something like this in my emacs config?

/Edit: I think what I want is to write my custom version of the M-x org-agenda command.


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As @icarus suggested, hydra is the way to go here. Check out my solution that is similar to what you want here: https://github.com/jkitchin/scimax/blob/master/scimax-hydra.el

there are submenus of keys that open new hydras. I have mine bound to f12, and then remapped caps lock to be f12. It is convenient for me.

  • Thanks! I'm actually using it for org-ref now, so double-thanks :) Then org-wiki and/or org-brain. Commented Nov 4, 2018 at 17:47

If you install and enable which-key then Emacs will do that (albeit with more compact formatting) for every prefix binding, including your custom ones.

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