Consider the following headline structure with tags:

* Recipes :recipe:

** Pizza :unhealthy:
*** Ingredients
*** How to

** Burrito :unhealthy:
*** Ingredients
*** How to

** Salad :healthy:
*** Ingredients
*** How to

Let's assume I want to get all my unhealthy recipes. So I filter my agenda for the tags :recipe:unhealthy:. The problem is, now I get Pizza and Burrito, but also their sub headlines Ingredients and How to, which I am not really interested in at this moment. I just want to get my unhealthy recipes, right?

Result should be:

Pizza :recipe:unhealthy:
Burrito :recipe:unhealthy:

Is there a way, so that tags are only inherited on the headlines that themselves also have a tag? In this case, :recipe: will only be inherited to Pizza, Burrito and Salad, but not to Ingredients and How to. The tag :unhealthy: will also not be inherited to Ingredients and How to, as they do not have any tags.

I do not really want to use tag hierarchies, because not everything that will be tagged with :unhealthy: is a recipe.

I am also happy with other ways of solving this problem.

  • Not an answer, but you can also search by level. If all the recipe headlines you want to find are on the same level, just add LEVEL=2 to your search. – erikstokes Jan 19 '19 at 2:33

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