i want to read all my unread /new messages from different IMAP accounts in one Gnus group. As far as i read in the manual, it could be possible with topics or virtual groups.

But i do not understand how i could configure it.

Any clues?

I'm on Linux Mint 19.1 with Emacs 26.1.


i just managed it to bring it together. I configure it with nnvirtual server. As far as i understood the regexp, the server was filled with the groups and voila: my mails are listed together. Command G c. and at the bottom of the page: (nnvirtual "^nnimap\+GMail\:INBOX$\|^nnimap\+Jens_Privat\:INBOX$\|^nnimap\+Jens_Reimer\:INBOX$\|^nnimap\+Karl\:INBOX$") Thats all. It works Poul

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