I have built Emacs from source and, after make ends successfully, no emacsclient binary is present in the output (./src) directory. What is the recommended way to get the emacsclient binary in this situation to have it work with the built version?


Info: Ubuntu 16.04, building Emacs 26.3, build settings: ./configure --with-modules CC=clang (to avoid existing dynamic modules bug with gcc).

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    Please provide a little more details regarding what operating system and build settings you are using, including, but not limited to the --prefix=... (if any): E.g., on OSX, --with-ns will put everything inside an Emacs.app inside the nextstep folder; and, on Windows, ....; and, on X/X11, ....
    – lawlist
    Sep 22, 2019 at 5:48

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That's correct. The emacsclient binary is not present in the source src directory. It is however present in the lib-src directory. So do a make install, if you have not already done so, to put the emacsclient binary in your build directory, wherever you have chosen that to be.


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