I updated to Emacs 28 recently and org-capture now puts a small character in the left fringe for captured items. I know that I can set fringe-mode to no-fringe to not see any fringe, but that's not what I want. I want to specifically turn off or set to nil the fringe character for org-capture.

System: Emacs 28.1, Org 9.5.2

To reproduce:

emacs -Q
M-: (setq org-capture-templates '(("t" "Todo" entry (file ~/test.org) "* TODO item")))
M-x org-capture t
C-c C-c
C-x C-f ~/test.org

screenshot showing fringe character to the left of captured text

I read in the manual about fringe indicators, so I tried setting all bitmap values in fringe-indicator-alist to nil, but that didn't work. There are some other answers about fringe indicators, but they indicated that fringe-indicator-alist was the place that fringes are set. None of them were helpful for my problem related to org-capture.

Where is this fringe character set? How do I remove it without turning off fringe-mode entirely?

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Org Capture sets a bookmark for the last stored item. The bookmark library is responsible for setting this fringe mark, not org. Check out the option bookmark-set-fringe-mark, which was introduced in 28.1.

  • Thanks! This is my first time hearing about bookmarks. It looks like another option to solve this problem would be org-capture-bookmark.
    – jrasband
    Jun 14, 2022 at 18:03

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