I'd like to add links to custom agenda commands within org files and other agenda views.

I think the answer would likely use org-add-link-type.

I also know that you can call a custom agenda view with the following code:

(org-agenda nil "p")

But I don't know how to combine the two, or if it is even possible.

Ideally, I would like be able to create a heading that launches a custom agenda. Something like the following:

* [[Code which I don't know][View current project tasks by assignment]]


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You don't need to define a new link type: you can have elisp links that execute an arbitrary Lisp form - because the code is arbitrary, they can be dangerous so you get a question whether you are OK with following the link. See External Links in the manual. For example:

* [[elisp:(org-agenda nil "p")][View current project tasks by assignment]]

N.B. No space between the colon and the opening paren!

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