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No output in Python inferior buffer after C-c C-c

OS: Windows 11 (64 bit) Python version: 3.12.0 (64 bit) Emacs version: 29.1 I use LSP mode in Emacs for Python programming and I have in my Emacs init.el file the following: (custom-set-variables ...
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Repeating characters in `python-mode.el` shell interaction

I experience strange behaviour when using python-mode. When sending characters to the shell using C-c C-e, the first string works well. After that, the characters start repeating, in a manner that is ...
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How do I specify the window height of the Python interpreter?

Suppose I am editing a file in python-mode. If I start the Python interpreter using M-x run-python (or C-c C-p), the Python interpreter opens in a window (*Python*) in the bottom half of the frame. ...
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Run an external program with customized environment/options in current buffer

How can I organize Emacs to run a specific external program with some specific environment/options for the mode or the buffer currently open. My current solution is to use setenv before running the ...
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Deleting temporary files left over from inferior-python-mode

I am using emacs on a server so files in /tmp are not automatically cleared down. Every time inferior-python-mode runs, it leaves files in /tmp (e.g. /tmp/py15458epk). I'm looking for a more elegant ...
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Inferior Python shows not output, or input

I have the symptoms described here Input and Output does not show up in python mode, except this happens with python3 as interpreter as well as ipython, and I've tried the suggestions there for fixing ...
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run-python does not work if added to python-mode-hook

I would like the Python inferior process to start (if it is not already running) whenever I create a python-mode buffer (for example, by visiting a .py file). Some functions in anaconda-mode etc. ...
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communication with remote inferior python shell slowing down code editing

I am working with python code on a remote machine using tramp. Once I start the start the remote python shell, the editor window starts to freeze up for around/under a second second at a time, but ...
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How do I enable indentation in an inferior scheme?

There doesn't seem to be any indentation in the default inferior scheme. At least, when I do M-x run-scheme the resulting repl doesn't indent my code at all. How can I change this? Preferably without ...
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Make run-python etc. use local python

If I use tramp to open a remote file, and subsequently run run-python, it tries to execute in the remote context (which is not what I want and super slow). Any way of specifying a local context or ...
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