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Prevent emacs from automatically overwriting non-current auto-save file

I wanted to recover a file after a little unexpected shutdown. So I opened the file in Emacs and ran recover-this-file. Emacs responded with Auto-save file not current - fine, I thought, let me look ...
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Can I recover the contents of a scratch buffer?

Using Ubuntu 22.04. I accidentally closed a scratch buffer that I had notes in. Can I recover those contents?
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Mac restart loses buffer state silently

I installed 28.2 on Monterey via Homebrew (as a cask). I have desktop-save-mode set; auto-save-* options are all default. Recently, I restarted the computer for updates; apparently I had somehow not ...
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I need to restore the *scratch* buffer from the last time I used emacs even though I killed it and had to restart

I was using emacs (XEmacs actually) and using the scratch buffer to experiment with regular expressions for a regex-replace operation that was giving me trouble. That has nothing to do with the ...
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How to recover from a backup file

I can recover a file from an auto-save via M-x recover-this-file. So far so good. But how can I recover a file from it's last backup (if, of course, I have switched backups on)?
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How to use `recover-session` and `dired-omit-mode` in Emacs 26 and lower?

Using Emacs 26.1, I have enabled dired-omit-mode globally with (add-hook 'dired-mode-hook #'dired-omit-mode). When using recover-session, I don't see any files. How to fix this? Creating a .dir-...
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user-error: Minibuffer window is not active

I want to recover a file from system failure M-x recover-file It did not restore the auto-saved file, but to throw an error: /var/folders/n8/dz3thx0x4sd2p8zdqyqbflrc0000gn/T/#!Users!gaowei!desktop!...
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Emacs recover-session: which session should I recover?

My OS locked up while using Emacs. So I hard boot, reopen Emacs, and M-x recover-session. The OS locked up at Jul 6 3:05, there are two autosave sessions at 03:04 Which of the two 3:04 sessions ...
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Isn't there a better way to recover a crashed session?

I have the misfortune of having been issued a Mac for work. It crashes regularly. To add insult to injury, Emacs doesn't seem to be very good at recovering from these crashes. There is a recover-...
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Recovering multiple files

After a crash, I can recover-this-file, but, if I don't know which of many files may have been unsaved at the time of the crash, how can I find out? Can I recover them all in one go?
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recover backup files

Is there a command for recover the current file from the backup ? I have a file ~/temp.txt and some backup files !home!djangoliv!temp.txt.~1~ ... !home!djangoliv!temp.txt.~5~, !home!djangoliv!temp....
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