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`run-python` cannot hide *Python* buffer

When running (defun my/run-python () (interactive) (let ((buf (current-buffer))) (with-current-buffer buf (save-mark-and-excursion (run-python (python-shell-calculate-...
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Put “save-excursion” Outermost When Using Both “save-excursion” And “save-restriction”

I'm reading Emacs Lisp Intro by Robert J. Chassell. In 6.1 The ‘save-restriction’ Special Form when you use both ‘save-excursion’ and ‘save-restriction’, one right after the other, you should use ‘...
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Does markdown-export have a bad interaction with save-excursion

I am trying to write an idle-timer to export my markdown file whenever I am idle. (I have the output loaded in a Chrome tab which is auto-reloading.) I tried to do the following: (defvar my--markdown-...
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Save excursion not working for dired-find-file-other-window

I wrote this function to basically bring my cursor back to the dired buffer, after opening the file in another window. This is so that I can scroll down the buffer, pressing o to keep previewing the ...
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Why does this function (that uses save-excursion) leave me at another buffer [duplicate]

I'm trying to write a command that allows me to search for an org-mode entry and inserts a link to it at point (using its id). Here's the code: (defun org-link-to-entry () (interactive) (let ...
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Why does point move after executing this function from keybinding

I have the following line in my init.el: (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-p") (lambda () (interactive) (org-publish-project "publish-website")) ) The "publish-...
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Function to undo point excursion

I know that I can use save-excursion to avoid changes to (point), is there a similar function to revert excursion based on the value of BODY. For example: (revert-excursion BODY) would revert the ...
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How to refresh org file programatically

I am using spacemacs-light theme in Emacs and love it. In my spacemacs-light theme, some org-files open with bullets not hidden though. In those cases I go to the top of the file and hit C-c C-c to ...
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How to deal with unwanted cursor movement during logic test

I have a function that tests if another nested pair of parenthesis exits or not. (defun next-pair-exists-in (func) "Check if inner or outer pair exists. Function employs `up-list` or `down-list` as ...
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What's the point of `save-excursion` twice in `copy-to-buffer`?

Here is the official definition of copy-to-buffer in Emacs 26.1 (the doc string part is omitted for brevity) (defun copy-to-buffer (buffer start end) (interactive "BCopy to buffer: \nr") (let ((...
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Save excursion in an Org Agenda buffer?

I have a function that executes save-excursion from within an Org Agenda buffer, but it doesn't return the point to the agenda buffer once the body of the excursion finishes executing. Here is the ...
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Function acts differently when I call it by M-x and when I call it by load-file/library

I've got this function: (defun move-pointer () (interactive) (let ((enable-recursive-minibuffers t)) (read-string "Go to the main buffer, Move cursor where you like. Come back in the ...
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(progn (scroll-up 1) (goto-char 0)) is different from (scroll-up 1) then (goto-char 0)

In any buffer, try to eval-expression the expression (scroll-up 1) and then eval (goto-char 0). The window scrolls up, then point is moved to the beginning of the buffer. Now, try eval-ing (progn (...
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save-excursion does not work with `org-sort-entries`

Say we have a org buffer with content: * top-level heading some text $ # $ denote cursor ** heading 3 ** heading 2 ** heading 1 ** heading 0 Now evaluate (save-excursion (org-sort-entries ...
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save-excursion doesn't restore the currently visible buffer?

From the save-excursion docstring: Save point, mark, and current buffer; execute BODY; restore those things. My understanding was that the restored buffer would again be visible following the ...
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save-excursion and find-function-at-point

The find-function-at-point command finds a function and displays its definition in the other window, while moving point to the other window as well. I'd like to have a version of find-function-at-...
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`looking-back` performance

I have some code using (looking-back … (line-beginning-position)). Doc string of looking-back states that it's better to avoid this function because of slowness. I'm curious will following approach ...
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How to move point to the end of another buffer, using `with-current-buffer` and `goto-char`?

I'm trying to implement «effective append» for log buffer, e.g. if a point is at point-max position then insert text and move point to new point-max, otherwise append text and preserve point position. ...
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select text to end of line, without moving point

I often want to quickly mark everything from point to the end of line, leaving point at the same place. I tried to write simple function for that purpose: (defun mark-from-point-to-end-of-line () "...
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Why save-excursion doesn't save point position?

I have the following code: (defun test-save-excursion () (interactive) (let ((buffer "*test*") (text "Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text Lorem Ipsum has |been the industry's standard dummy ...
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