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Why is org-ql looking for gpg2 in a hardcoded path?

I'm trying to install org-ql (use-package compat :ensure t) (use-package org-ql :quelpa (org-ql :fetcher github :repo "alphapapa/org-ql" :files (:defaults (:exclude &...
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Org Agenda Query

I want to reproduce the result of the in-built Agenda view, yet add some further elements to it (using Org QL). I do not want to use block agendas, since they looks ugly. Instead, I want to return a ...
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Fold specific org todo states

I'm using the answer from this question Make all done org-mode items invisible (collapsed) which works perfectly. I want to make an modification so that if I have the following: * TODO header ** HOLD ...
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Search meta-data (tag hierarchy/inheritance) and full-text simultaneously

Does anyone know of a package (or built-in functionality) that supports querying the full text of org-mode entries that takes into account the tag hierarchy and tag inheritance? Here's an example org ...
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Sprint Board and org-super-agenda : problems with DONE tasks

I am constructing a sprint board using a custom agenda view using org-super-agenda. It works really quite well with a couple exceptions, namely: Dates: I want to use variables (or constants) for the ...
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Viewing projects using `org-ql`

I use org-ql to view projects. (defun my/view-projects () (interactive) (require 'org-ql) (org-ql-search (org-agenda-files) '(and (tags "project") (not (todo "...
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get header with todo keyword

* one * two ** books *** IN-PROGRESS book1 *** book2 *** book3 * three * four ** five *** books **** book4 How to get: all headings title with todo-'IN-PROGRESS' keyword which are children of ...
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How to prompt user for tags and use the result in a org-ql-search function?

Is there a way to read tags with completion from the user in the same way read-number or read-string allows? I would like to have a custom function defined where I ask the user for a tag (or list of ...
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When creating an org-agenda-custom-commands command, how can I make the (agenda) portion only display certain tags?

I add custom org-agenda commands to the org-agenda-custom-commands like so (setq w-view `("W" "Work" ( (agenda "" ( ...
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Issues With org-ql and Searching Based On Property Inheritence

I would like to be able to search for all TODO's with a property of FEATURE_NUM, and that property is inherited in my TODO's. Here's what I have in my init.el to make that property inheritable: (...
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How to Export All Daily Task State Changes to File?

I am trying to generate nice end-of-day reports in the file for logging and archiving purposes. I would like to generate a simple list of all TODO task state changes for the current day to ...
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Archive DONE tasks that are at least month after completion

I use org-archive-subtree to clean my org files. Most of my tasks lie under * Tasks header so I run the function on it using prefix (C-u C-c C-x C-s). I noticed that the function only asks for ...
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Show only today's tasks in org-agenda

I am using org-mode to organize my life. I got used to planning with DEADLINE. Additionally, I am using Effort property to predict how much effort that I have to show to finish all tasks. org-agenda-...
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