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Items not showing on time grid as expected

I am using the "Agenda and all TODOs" as my primary view to interact with the agenda. However, I struggle to configure it with org-super-agenda. My current config is (setq org-super-agenda-...
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How to add a timestamp directly from the 'todo'-type agenda buffer

My typical agenda view is a global todo agenda. I would like to add timestamps directly to a header from this view. It is possible with deadline and schedule but not for timestamps. I have tried the ...
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Disable org-super-agenda on Emacs Start

I've enabled org-super-agenda to play with it and now Emacs displays my org-agenda when starting Emacs. I don't find any way to disable that. Any pointers?;)
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Sprint Board and org-super-agenda : problems with DONE tasks

I am constructing a sprint board using a custom agenda view using org-super-agenda. It works really quite well with a couple exceptions, namely: Dates: I want to use variables (or constants) for the ...
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Struggling to set org-agenda-files per org-agenda-custom-command

According to the org agenda docs, I should be able to set a custom local option for a given agenda command. In this case, I want to set a custom org-agenda-files variable, which is an explicit example ...
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Org agenda daily grid view showing wrong date

I am trying to configure a daily agenda grid view like shown below, but for some reason it keeps showing 3 days in the past instead of the current date (at the time of posting this, it is Saturday, 16 ...
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Org agenda should show all todos of the current week (not separated by days)

Problem The default agenda-list-view separates the todo items of the current week by days and sort them by time within each day if there are timestamps. Instead, I want to combine all the todo items ...
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Dynamically filter for multiple tags in org agenda

As far as I can see there are no previous questions on here that address my specific need, despite some being fairly similar. In the agenda view, I can use org-agenda-filter-by-tag to filter for/...
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Editing and viewing timestamps in Global TODO in Org Agenda

When viewing alltodo's (M-x org-agenda RET t), is it possible to see and edit Scheduled/Due dates? I understand that the list of TODOs can be very long and therefore seeing timestamps could clutter ...
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grouping tasks in org-agenda

Is there a way to show the tasks in the agenda list grouped by category? I mean in the task list view (when pressing C-c a t) rather than the week-agenda.
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Org agenda - show items that are in any of a list of categories

I have an org-mode file separated into multiple categories. I know I can create an agenda command that will show only items from one given category, like so: ("a" "Category A items" agenda "" ((...
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custom agenda view in org mode grouping per month

Using org mode agenda I've been able to customize a view to have all tasks no matter if finished or not this way: (setq org-agenda-custom-commands '(("w" "Whole Agenda no matter status" ...
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