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for questions about repositories of Emacs packages on well-known servers, such as MELPA, GNU ELPA, and Marmalade. Emacs uses library package.el to download and install updates to packages you choose.

MELPA is a collection of package.el-compatible Lisp packages that are built automatically on the server from upstream source code locations.

The main features of MELPA are

  • Up-to-date packages
  • Installable in any recent Emacs using "package.el"
  • Curated
  • Comprehensive
  • Automatic updates
  • Extensible

Configure Emacs init file to download from MELPA. For Emacs versions 24 and prior, add the GNU ELPA archive to the repositories list because it provides cl-lib and other needed libraries. For Emacs versions 24 and later, these libraries are included by default.

See the packages section of the manual for details.